Saturday, June 18, 2011

more layouts..

Well, we have been back in Houston for nearly two weeks (over two weeks? I don't know I lose track).   And, even though I miss my family and east coast friends a TON, it is good to get back into our regular routine.  More like still trying to figure out a new routine with two babies.  It also means I can do lots of scrapbooking.

So, here they are! 

I love all of our family of four pictures.  Feels like a real family, you know?  The only tough part is finding someone to take them who isn't totally befuddled by the dSLR.  Luckily this totally sweet Mawrtyr volunteered her services without us even having to ask.  I was almost the oldest alumna there and certainly one of the only ones there with her two kids!  I love going back so much though, who cares if I'm almost twice as old as the freshman?  I did about a million and two layouts with the pictures we took that day too.

This is my lift of a lift of a lift with some Jenni Bowlin stuff.  They even featured this layout on FB!  I know it's probably not a big deal really, but I was excited to see it!  I mean, they have like 3000 fans on there and they all saw my sweet girl.

Another SC lawn party layout.  {Kind of sounds perfect for May Day pictures, right?}  Just a layout of colorful pebbles paper and a bit of black and white to balance it out. 

Even though this photo of Avi turned out totally blurry, I still used it because he looks so happy in it!

 Also, I can't take pictures in manual because this how they all turn out.

I love these pictures from easter so much, I have scrapped them alot too.  Even though the journaling is about her and I together, I thought the pictures of her alone were cuter.  I used lots of crate paper and The girls paperie.  A very girly page about how Nandini likes to charm us with her googoos and coocoos. love hearing her sing to us. I can't believe how we are falling in love with her more and more everyday, I truly want to treasure this time forever. 

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