Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three months old..

Nandini ~
You are three months old today, I can hardly believe it.  We have been falling more in more love with you every day since you were born.
True to your name, you are such a joy to have in our lives.
You are almost sleeping through the night, which is amazing.  Avi did not do this until he was six months old (and then only because we let him cry it out at night.)
You are so alert during they day, you love talking and saying "ah-goo" to us.  Which, according to the baby book, is something you may even be able to do, but are not likely to.  See? Genius.
Do we have more evidence of this?  You very recently started to actively enjoy your playmate (as opposed to just lying around look cute on it while I took pictures of you).  I'm so smitten with you that just watching you bat at the rattling elephant, clutch his ear, grab and spin the parrot totally amazes me.
You always follow us with your eyes, especially your big brother.  Never know what he's going to do next!  He loves laughing with you after he says goo and you say it back!  We all love it really. 
You still hate your car seat, especially when we are driving.  You are not a fan of the heat here either, which is unfortunate since it is only June!  You still don't like too much noise, but you seem to enjoy the jungle sounds and ocean sounds.
Love you baby girl!

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