Sunday, June 5, 2011

too young to make a party?

What do you get when you combine a translucent plastic cheese or boggle container, a bunch of markers, possibly a washcloth and a book stuffed inside, with a water bottle or marker and a band aid on top?

Why birthday cake of course!

Complete with a 'flame' to blow out after singing.

{Unfortunately, Avi could not get blow out the candle, because he's 'too young', as he solemnly informed me.  "Oh no, Avi too young, can't do it!"  Seriously, I have no idea where that came from but I still love it.  Ha!}

Just add a few toys and random pieces of paper wrapped in tissue paper that you find in mommy's room and a hat maybe and you have a full party!   I don't know why I never thought of this, the boy is like a mini-MacGyver.  Who is also a party planner, apparently.

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