Monday, June 13, 2011

my scrap buddy

First, I showed Avinash this tiny star punch and we spent a while punching out stars from junk mail.

Then, he grabbed a box of buttons and said he wanted to put them on 'pi'tures'.

So I let him pick out a photo from a stack of left over prints that I had lying around.  First he wanted a picture of the baby but then he decided to use a picture of his school.

I got out the glue stick and helped him put the glue on and let him place the buttons on the photo.  I grabbed an ugly old piece of cardstock and glued the photo down so we could put those stars on too. 

He was going a little crazy with the buttons which I didn't really want, so I distracted him with some funky letter die cuts.  He loved those.  We stuck those all over the place.  He was strangely attentive when I told him to only use a little glue.  So cute to see him placing the tiniest dot of glue on the letters before giving them to me to stick on.

He picked out a few more die cuts and I added some washi tape and a little bit of journaling.  (When you ask him if he wants to go to school he always says "No waaay!")  And, bam!  Avi's first scrapbook page.

I think it turned out surprisingly well if I do say so myself.  The photo itself isn't that great.  His eyes aren't even open.  And I'm a little bummed in hindsight that I gave him such yucky cardstock.  Oh well.  Still I love it, this one is definitely going in the scrapbook.  Hmm...I may have to do a page about doing this page..

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