Thursday, August 4, 2011

July Layouts

Hmmm....I haven't done a scrapbook post in a while so I thought I would share.  Even though I went back to work this month, I somehow have made more pages lately than I have in a while.  Something about gluing pictures and buttons on paper help me unwind after reading and writing papers all day.  Here are some of my recent favorites!

I love how tender my Dad is with Nandini.  I ordered a big print of this photo and told the story of her middle name (again).  I already did a page about us choosing her name, but I got to include more about my grandmother here.  Hopefully she will know something about her Great-Grandmother someday.

Also, I love this little clothespin.  Just the perfect size for a scrapbook album, but add plenty of great depth.  I have used them all over her baby album to clip her newborn paraphernalia and cards, etc, together.

Oh no! Too young ?!  I had to include Avi's homemade cakes and birthday parties.  I love his pretend forlorn voice, lamenting his own inability to blow out the band-aid, er, candle.  I bought a bunch of washi tape and think it is super striking, but so easy to put together a page with.  Could be really great on cards too, if I ever made or sent any..

This is the back of that sheet of kraft.  Which I am apparently hoarding now too.  I used a part of an old cosmo cricket paper, which I really am hoarding.  There are just so many possible great future beach/water type pages to be made that I can't afford to use the whole sheet.  Avi always fights going in the bath, but then he starts having so much fun that he doesn't want to get out. Mostly just a sweet picture of Avi in the bath, but I really love how the painted chipboard letters and 'bubbles' turned out.  At least it is one to use up a bunch of Qs and stuff.

 I try to keep it simple with the 8x10 photos, but this one demanded a more is more approach.  I love this photo so much of Avi holding Nandini for the first time.  He was so excited to be in the delivery room right after she was born, but it took him a while to figure out what was actually going on.  This was taken after he stopped hiding in the side room, ha!

 A few pictures from our awesome dinner at Per Se.  At first I felt totally embarrassed to be taking pictures of our food, but then I noticed every single other person doing it.  And some people brought there two little kids.  One of whom they were trying to get to taste the food, but he wanted milk so badly I thought he was going to rip his mother's shirt off.  Classy.  Anyway.  We I am sure look worse than that all the time at restaurants with our kids.  Or, you know, just on our own. 
I put this page together because I saw all these things jumbled up together on my desk and just loved the mix of colors together.  If only that could happen more often.

 One of the sweetest things ever was when Anuj left work early and drove to Houston, just so he could be there the day Nandini was born.

I just realized that the chip piece is a cherry soda label, which is very symbolic since my brother always loved cherry coke (especially since I hated it, ha!). 

 I love this page so much.  One more MckMama photo.  And I don't usually scrap black and white so it adds some variety.  I love the quilted way the squares of double sided patterned paper look together.  And my sweet baby of course!

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