Saturday, August 20, 2011

5 months

Nandini you are my (mostly) sweet baby girl

You go crazy when you are tired and can't find your favorite pacifier, ie, your own thumb.  Why it is so difficult for you to locate sometimes I cannot fathom.  You will also startle awake as you doze off and it slips out of your mouth.  I think it is funny that your favorite sleeping position now is on your side because that is the way I hold you when you nurse.  You contort your little legs into the funniest and most uncomfortable looking positions trying to keep yourself propped up on your side when I am not lying next to you.  Poor little thing.

Your new nickname is Avinash Nandini Princess Princess Nandini.  It started very randomly when your Bappi couldn't quite spit out your name, but has quickly become de rigeur around the Hecker household.  I tried to add Polamalu to the end of it while we were watching the Steelers game, but Bappi was very dubious. 

{Photos by Avinash}

The person you probably love the most is Avinash.  Whenever you hear his voice, your eyes automaticaly scan the room.  You love it when I pick you up and follow him around the room and give you some of his toys.  He is not that great about sharing them at all, but every once in a while he will very sweetly give you your giraffe or bird toy.  He loves to give you lots of hugs and kisses too, which you tolerate more now than when you were too tiny.  I love reading books as a family together, especially when Avinash 'reads' to Nandini.

You are starting to teeth a little bit I think.  You love sucking on my fingers, and nursing has become a very extended process.  You also like that little giraffe chew toy more and this little plastic red bird with a blue handle that broke off of one of Avinash's old toys.  Good thing I never throw anything away, ha!

You are scooting all over the place.  That butt is working overtime scooting off your playmat and off the carpet all the time.  It is so cute to see you wriggling and wiggling all over the floor, especially in search of Avinash or his toys!  I know I've said a lot of this before, but it is true!  Our nanny, Ana, said your butt is just like mine and my mom's.  Umm, thanks? Actually that is a compliment for us, but a bit of an insult for Nandini...

You are eating one meal of 'solid' food a day.  I broke down and bought packaged rice cereal from the store.  At least it was brown rice with DHA and all that good stuff.  You seem to like it so far.   We have not repeated the mashed bananas fiasco, but contrary to your very early preferences, you do enjoy mashed avocado now as well.  Can't wait to see how you are growing at your check up next month! 

You really love talking to yourself in the mirror.  It is a great way to calm you down when you are upset and crying.  You also love to play peekaboo now.   I am surprised that you like this game, because you never fail to startle and cry at all of Avinash's 'prise! parties. Even though these are a daily occurrence now, you still haven't gotten used to it.  I tried to get a video of your laughter when playing, but you were so obsessed with the camera that you wouldn't play with me.  Instead you just opened your big eyes extra wide and stared into the camera.  Silly girl.  Normally you love it when I hide under your onesie, kiss your tummy then pop out and say peekaboo.  You also love it when I cover my face with a sheet and let you 'pull it down by yourself.'  You are not that giggly so it is great to hear you laugh.

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