Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More great parenting..

A. Surreptitiously buy and eat two cupcakes while your toddler is busy jumping in the bouncy house.
B.  Chase him down and try to get him to finish them when you realize they aren't that good.

Don't let your son watch Little Einsteins and put on My Little Pony instead because you like it.

Before you have kids swear that you will never use baby talk.  Then only talk to your toddler in baby talk and get secretly annoyed when people teach him proper pronunciation because you think it is so darn cute.  Also, talk to your husband like that too, even over IM.

Teach Avi how to climb over just about anything.  Later, freak out at the mall when he climbs over the wall of the play area and escapes to 'find Bappi'.  At least I realized what exacerbates my heart palpitations. 

Feeling slightly more than upset over the post-pregnancy massive hair loss going on.

Went to the doctor to get my thyroid checked because I couldn't understand how I could be this tired all the time.  Then face the massive crushing disappointment when the results came back normal.  Though, in hindsight, it was a good way to get 45 minutes to myself with a magazine and then later use the restroom by myself.  Fun times.

Get kicked out of a movie because some guy complains that the baby is crying too loud.  The person really responsible for the loud hysterical sobs?  Ok, that was me all the way.
(Why in the world doesn't someone warn you that a seemingly boring movie about an old guy and some balloons is actually incredibly sad AND involves a very poignant scrapbook!!)

Taking pictures of your son while he cries because he is scared of the clowns at the circus.

Dressing Nandini up as a lion at the circus? Nah, that was just 100% cute.

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