Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wood smoke and s'mores

Being in hill country was amazing.  The nights were so cool.  Relaxed and breezy.   There is nothing like a s'more made over a wood fire.  With real marshmallows on sticks and everything. 

We had these every night.  The first night Avi was so excited to try it, but was far more enthralled with the lazy river bank once we got there. 

It had sand, shallow water and lots of other babies.   He even told me he had to help his friend and brought a little girl a pail of water and then a small shovelful of sand.  Ah, almost sharing.  He also loved chasing after the innertubes as they floated by.  We went round the lazy river together a few times and could here the sounds of walle in the background.  I saved two marshmallows for Avinash and promised him the second one if he would wait to eat the first.  (I love experimenting with him.)  He sat down, clutxhing it and licking it all over while he waited.  It was adorable and a predictor of future success apparently. 

After tubing we settled on the lawn to watch the rest of the movie. It was even more enjoyable than usual to watch the credits out of doors.  Goosebumps, seriously.

When life gets really stressful and tedious I often think back to happy family moments in my mind.  For a long time it was our first trip to Disney world with Avinash. Sometimes it is just what to have for dinner or central market (weird I know).  Sitting on the lawn, after making s'mores together and floating in the river, sitting in the grass watching a great movie while a cool breeze blows, the smell of wood smoke lingering in the air.  Ahhhh.  I must remember this one.

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