Thursday, August 18, 2011

hello hello hello.

I just got my box of Amy Tangerine goodies from here.

I had so much trouble deciding where to start.  I basically just sat there for an hour looking at all the pretty paper and stickers.  I ended up starting out with some stitched paper and a colorful photo of Nandini on her play mat.  I love how much her own reflection fascinates her.  I know this is a pretty basic reaction in all babies, since they are hardwired to love faces, but I still get a kick out of it!  The mirror definitely made tummy time more enjoyable for her (at least for a few moments).

I punched out some circles in this patterned paper.  I used the punched circles as a mask and misted over the paper with pony mr. huey, then used some malted milk paint from JB too (the best cream paint I have found, the only one with any opacity).  I popped up some of the remaining circles to give the paper a bit of dimension.  These little sun, cloud and rainbow stickers are so fat and happy too.

I love these stitched brads.  This little girl slays me, sort of like a little preview of what is to come.  We are nowhere near ponytails, I can't even get hair clips or anything to stay put in her hair yet. 

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  1. love how you used the collection, thanks for sharing!


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