Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Six Skunks.

We stayed in Hill Country this weekend and had an amazing time.  Our hotel is woodsy and quaint.  It has it's own lazy river to tube in that is surrounded by trees.  One night I went round by myself while everyone stayed near the front 'beach' area.  I saw raccoons crawl under a bridge in an effort to eat the trash.  At another bridge I saw what looked like a huge squirell scurry across.  Then I noticed it's huge tail and realized it was a momma skunk rushing across to get to her mate and 3 babies.

When I told everyone what I saw, Ryan was of course incredulous.   Avi, however, quickly informed me that he had seen SIX 'kunks to my measly five. 

That surprisingly did not stop him from getting scared of skunks when we went on a short walk the next day.  And the next day.  Even though he originally requested to see skunks each night.  I'm not sure, but with the sound of all four of us crashing through the trails, we didn't manage to see any animals together. 

And tomorrow we are off, back to the land of exhaust, instead of wood smoke, the land of dogs and squirrels and the occasional ferral cat instead of racoons and squirrels.  The land of heat and humidity and no trees instead of the cool breezes in the woods and off the river.  Sad, but well rested and happy that Avi got a little more fodder for his imagination. 

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