Friday, August 12, 2011

this girl and that boy.

our two little monsters

Nandini, right now (almost 5 months)

She is learning to scoot and can alllllmost crawl.  She wants so badly to reach all of Avi's toys and play taste them for herself!  It is so cute when she tries to propel herself forward and her butt gets moving and her whole body is flailing, but all she can do is shimmy and makes hardly any forward progress. 

She loves to suck her thumb still, so she figures that my fingers must have some equally alluring flavor to them as well.  This frequently distracts her from nursing.  My fingers make good chew toys apparently.
She follows Avi's every move with her eyes and is alternately horrified, confused or enthralled. 

And always mesmermized (as was Anuj with me according to my parents, who would have thought?)

She is also still a great sleeper and the sweetest baby.

Avinash, right now
well, you know how people say that raising a baby is like training a puppy that slowly learns to talk?  We are probably at higher ratio of boy to puppy now that he is potty trained and speaking more coherently.  He recently told Ryan this story before going to sleep:
"Avi, mommy and Bappi were scared.  Oh no! Watch out! Robots!  Ohhh! A bear.  Bear eat a robots.  Robots run away!  Catch them!  (Are mommy and bappi safe now?) Yeah!"  The end.
He also told the story of the three bears, but with too hot pancakes instead of porridge.

He loves putting stickers all over the house. 

He is an avid artist, with his two most preferred mediums currently being chalk and playdoh.

The hippo that I thought was a cloud. He also loves to draw different animal footprints
(He drew a really good owl the other day but I didn't get a picture.)

A yellow play-doh anatomically correct 4-chambered heart perhaps?

He has a lot of his books memorized now.   I love sitting down with Nandini while he 'reads' us a story.  Some of his favorites are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!, and Yummy Yucky.  He can even put together consonants and vowels together and read a few words.  He read the word pig and made up the word alc (alck?) after mistaking the / in a/c for an L.  Pretty good I think.  Imagine how well he would do if he had something other than WordWorldteaching him this stuff.

He loves eating tofu now.  I am so thankful he has a regular source of protein now.  Although it is still pretty low calorie, I'll take it.  The 'soy' ch'ckn nuggets I tried for him, not so much. 

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