Monday, August 15, 2011

Relaxing with a good book..

After our hectic and chaotic weekend (to put it mildly), the babies just wanted to sit on the couch and unwind with some books. 

    We met up with a friend for an early Saturday morning breakfast before gymnastics class.   Luckily this helped Avi take a crucial early nap before a birthday party later in the afternoon.  Of course my camera was acting up so I have none of the cute pictures of Avi and Nandini in birthday hats with balloons.  Avi was so excited and happy to be there.  He loves all the aspects of birthday parties- playing games, seeing friends, singing songs, wearing a hat, and eating cake and nummies.  Although someone may or may not have dumped cake all over himself and my shoes.  And then followed it up with a whole bottle of water.  (And it wasn't Avinash.)  Never one to be outdone by my husband, I upped the ante on Sunday morning by setting fire to friend's toaster oven at a playdate.  No one was hurt, but I still feel terrible.  Sigh...

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