Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Life - Happy

I actually did a two page spread this week.  Because I am such a hoarder I don't want to waste those PL type A, er design A -- is it freudian that I called them type A??-- page protectors (available in the big variety pack).  I just ordered one but I only have five pages left of design A right now.  It was making me feel uneasy so I used a regular 4x6 horizontal photo page protector

I included a couple of photos from Teddy Bear/Pajama Day at Avi's school last week.  His teacher emailed all the parents on Tuesday.  My weeks are very form anyway so being out of order is no big deal.
The tag is sort of like a rebus for 'teddy bears and EO'.  I just used a regular stapler to attach those wooden letters, and hand drew the ampersand with a light grey sharpie. 

The cover of a Boden catalog trimmed to 4x6, plus one little JBS butterfly stuck on.  I removed the foam tab it comes with and glued it on flat.  This little chevron label is from the same die cut sheet as that tag in the corner.  A little journaling spot from my shop for extra color.  And some kraft stars because everything looks better with a few stars.  Pretty simple.

My second page is more of a mash up of February stuff.  I included a picture of the growing seeds Avinash brought home from school.  We planted them in a paper towel so he could watch them grow.  I printed this photo out at home onto cardstock so I could easily journal directly on the photo pretty easily.  The instagram next to it is also printed at home, this unfortunately didn't turn out that well so I will probably reprint it at Ritz soon.
Top left I used Martha textured red label stickers, OA rocket age flair and stickers, perfect for the budding earth and water bender.  I didn't have a picture of our pizza party and Avatar night, so I used a picture from a while ago of Avinash playing at bending like the Avatar.
Screen shots from skyping with my Mom and Dad, with a treasured memories Elle's studio tag. A random picture of Nandini with me (wearing my new Boden sweater...see? it all relates). 

~Getting the most out of project life page protectors~
*I love the photo sequence look done by KA all the time.  You can easily achieve a similar look with a standard 4x6 page protector by either sizing your photos to 3x4 or chopping a 4x6 photo in half and rounding the corners. 
*You can add 3x4 photos and/or journaling cards in next to each other just like that or use a little adhesive on the back to stick the photo in place within the slot.  This works well here because this type of pp is double sided unlike the Becky Higgins designs where you use the same slot for front and back.
*Normally I would have added that tag on the first page inside a pp slot but these are side loading slots so I simply glued it on top of the plastic.  An extra staple probably wouldn't hurt either.
*It was fun doing something a little different.  I did regular 4x6 photos only in the top row on the first page.  Adds a little variety to my album I think.
*Use lots of different page protectors.  I use the regular PL ones, AC page protectors (which come in horizontal and vertical), martha stewart 8.5x11 from staples (divided into quadrants or in half), and pp I found on two peas

Linked up with The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama for Project Life Tuesday. And, please, link me up to any of your inspiring pages this week as well in the comments!  The PL kit I am using is the Clementine kit.


  1. looks great! I love your use of letter stickers!

  2. I love your week,you always have so much fun to add and make pretty pages. Love love the teddy bear card and all the bright pictures.

    Great wayto use your letter stickers!

  3. love it all, as always :) thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks great! I love the yellow "happy" insert. The color yellow makes me happy! Have a great week!

  5. Hia! Do you mean the page protectors? I think they're WRMK ones, but I don't see them on any sites - I'll find the packet and let you know ;) Or did you mean the patterned paper under the quilt inserts? That's a Crate paper one from their neighborhood collection! Thanks for your comments on my PL - much appreciated :D

  6. Helen, I meant page protectors...thanks for all the info!

  7. Page protector! Great tip.. Love the idea.. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party..


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