Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DecDaily + Project Life

 We had such a fun time at the Houston Zoo Lights this weekend.  Unfortunately not many animals were out, but we loved all the lights and music.(Avi wanted to see which animals had eye shine apparently.)  We are so lucky to still have warm weather here.

And, treats of course.  Treats are always the best part. Nandini knew exactly what to do with the s'mores and waited patiently for me to roast her marshmallow before snatching it out of my hands.  I could have journaled about that under this photo, but the part I want to remember most is running around, playing tag on the grass under the lighted trees, while the Charlie Brown Christmas music played in the background.  I actually changed my mind about what to write and hand cut a half circle to fit over my messed up journaling.

For the layout the goal was simple and to repeat the design of day 2.  I used some ILS papers, with a strip of red airmail washi, grey seam binding and red glitter ribbon.  I used a silver glitter thicker to add the date.  The stamp (in white chalk, again) and journaling spot are from the SC kit.

I played around with the transparencies in the SC kit today.  I taped off some stripes with old washi and used acrylic paint to add lime green stripes.  I've been wanting to add more lime green (like on the cover) but was having trouble finding anything.  So I just painted my own!

I added a JBS sticker and stamped the date to give it some purpose.

An identical sticker on the back for symmetry.

Still working on Project Life over here too.  This is not even the last week in November!  Sigh.  I did this super fast.  Just lots of photos, a few things I had lying in my October Daily box and some thickers.

 The left side. I used a lot of dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic stickers, chipboard here because of the home theme.

 Nandini says apple about 50 times a day, so this Acorn Avenue sticker and apple wood veneer were perfect.  Also, apple = carrot, banana, pear.  Pretty much any produce.

 This core kit card is normally too orangey for me, but fit well with Thanksgiving.  I love the Acorn Avenue wood pieces.

A little journaling about Nandini snuggling up with her Nani and Mamaji. 

Could not figure out what she was doing here.  My brother was more than happy to play along in the staring contest.

 Right side.  Design G can not be beat for usability.  Just so quick and painless.  Works very well for me since I already have a lot of Thanksgiving documented in my 'Dec' Daily.  Used some grey lattice new echo park 'photo freedom' papers here for journaling.  The red alpha paper is KI Memories new line, Flashback.  It is a very fun line.

Had to use the Ali Edwards Thanksgiving stamps to document Avi's Mister Turkey serenade for the whole family.  I love this acorn patterned paper a lot, have gotten a lot of use out of both sides.  Journaling on an Elle's Studio card.

And, a little believe flag stamped on a wood banner, stapled to Avi's letter to Santa.  He writes one every time we stop by the mall now.  So far he has asked for gold dubloons (pictured), a kitchen set, a cuddleuppet and toys for Nandini. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Linked up with Ali Edwards for my December Daily and The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. The PL kit I am using is the Clementine kit, with multi-pack page protectors, and grid journaling cards. Thank you so much to everyone in this wonderful community. I love all the feedback and looking at everything people do each week. It definitely keeps me motivated. Also, please include a link to your projects below so we can check them out too!


  1. Looks awesome! Sorry there weren't many animals out. :(

  2. How fun! I guess the animals were asleep already.

  3. What a wonderful photo. Love how you let it be the centerpiece of you page.

  4. Oh my goodness! You are a GENIUS!!!! I'm SO stealing that neon green transparency idea! Do you think acrylic paint will stay on permanently? What if it sticks to your dividers? Alcohol inks might be good but they would get all over the place since they are thinner than acrylic.
    I love the movement in your photo- I'm also a little jealous that you guys went to the zoo for the winter lights festival with no coats on- that is awesome! Actually it's been so warm here in NYC that I might be able to pull it off with just a thick sweater.

    1. I knew I should have taken photos of the process! I tried mist and that didn't work (still water based inks I think). Don't know about alcohol inks... The paint is 'chippable' I think. I might seal it with something, but what? Either way, it's probably fine -- it will just have that shabby chic 'distressed' look to it in a few years.

  5. I love the painted lime green stripes! :)

  6. Oh I love your Design G page! When I started PL I only bought Design A and I already know I want to add some more designs for next year!

  7. These are all so fun! Love the large photo!

  8. Looks great! Love the variety!
    When we go to our zoo's light display it requires a LOT of coats, mittens, snow pants, etc.

  9. Nice work! I've heard so many good things about Design G. Might have to give it a go one day soon...
    Ronnie xo

  10. So beautiful. I love that your son was confused about decorating without snow on the ground. My eldest insists that it is going to snow any minute, because it's Christmas and that's just what happens. I don't have the heart to tell him that it doesn't always happen here in Dallas.

  11. Love the bright stripes, great PL pages :)

  12. How cute she is in the picture enjoying her treats. Great job on the page again. Your album is looking so pretty. Hooray for painting your own lines.

    Good for you keeping up on your PL, you will get there, GOOD JOB!! I just posted 3 weeks worth of PL too, sometimes it happens.

    Hoping to keep up on my DD though and post it.

    Even your simple pages are beautiful!


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