Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DecDaily - Hot Cocoa & Marshmallows

I guess this is the second marshmallow page in a row (after the s'mores picture).  I got this big bottle of mini marshmallows at Target.  When Avi and I started to make cocoa, Ryan was like, 'Oh, you are doing this for your December Daily?" Ha! Not exactly, I want to space out the goodies I give them anyway...

I did a different rendition of a grid again.  This time all at a slight angle.  I cut out some tags from this Crate Sleigh Ride paper, added a border sticker and some silver glitter tape.  That I stitched down with gold thread, but it is pretty sticky and didn't really need it.   And, yes, I included a picture of Nandini pretty much scowling.  We had some marshmallow drama.

I used grey chipboard and wooden alphas for the title.  Been saving that red ampersand from an AC sticker sheet.  I propped it up on some glue dots.  I love ampersands, but find it hard to use them as a pure design element so it is good when I can work one into my title. 
I got this bag at the grocery store yesterday.  I love how they made pink and purple stripes look holiday.  I stitched that into a little insert today too.

I love the bokeh lights page in the SC Christmas handbook insert, but I had no intention of buying one and it just felt more personal to use a shot of my own tree.  I turned on the manual focus and got the tree nice and blurry for this picture.  I printed it out around 8x8 and trimmed it a bit shorter to fit the saying on the bag. 

I traced a file tab on there and cut around it.  I stitched around the edge in that gold metallic thread again. 

Love how it looks all together in the album.
(Proof that my albums get handled a lot, like it or not.  I love that she is interested, but I have to supervise.)


  1. You have started sewing!!Thats awesome!! Looks fab:)

  2. wonderful and thanks for the inspiration for my dd

  3. Love the angle of your grid! Great pages!

  4. Oh, your work is so inspiring! I am always in awe!! Love the pages, so far...and I am certain all the ones that are to come!! - Happy Holidays Nirupama!

  5. Fantastic December Daily page! I haven't made hot cocoa for the kids yet... definitely going to put it on my list!

  6. WOW! This is gorgeous, LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!! Way to go on having fun with this and using things you like in it. HOORAY FOR SEWING!! GO YOU!! I will be doing this too, GO ME!! Love the way you did the grid and title, can't wait to see more.

  7. I like it very much your pages! I become your follower!! :)

  8. Such a fun page! Now I want to go to Starbucks and get their hot chocolate with sea salt!


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