Monday, December 3, 2012

Glitter Ornaments: more Target dollar spot crafts (and more glitter)

I decided to buy a mini tree for our apartment. I wanted to keep the decorations on it low budget and make them myself. 

Then of course I saw a tube of ornaments at the Target dollar spot and decided it was probably worth it.  Luckily I go in to Target all the time just to pick up shopkicks and was able to find these. The paint on them was a little uneven and they lacked that 'special' feeling so I decided to get them all glittered up for the tree (get it? a million diamonds!).   It was easy and a lot of fun to do.  And, I found it is pretty hard to use up a small tube of glitter so I think I'll be glittering things for a while.

tube of plastic ornaments
elmer's spray adhesive (or adhesive of your choice)
assorted glitter
cardboard box
scrap paper
embossing ink and powder

Spray a quick layer of adhesive in your box and set the ornaments down.  I found that they didn't roll around this way.  For some, spray directly over top.  Place on scrap paper and glitter away.  I always fold and put the extra back in.  This gives that lovely snowy appearance with white glitter, but using different color combinations is really fun too.
For others, hold over the box and spray all around.  These require a little more glitter.  The tone on tone look works great.

Lastly I stamped one with versamark and sprinkled with glitter embossing powder.  I used an unmounted acrylic stamp.  Using a rigid block with the sphere resulted in a very blurred image.  I ended up placing the stamp on my fingers and slightly curving it around the ornament.  It took the powder beautifully after that.  Set with a heat gun. 

Now, all I need to do is decorate the actual tree of course!  I let Avinash and Nandini decorate their own today too with some finger paint and glitter.  Nandini just wanted to drink the paint water off her fingers, but Avi's actually came out pretty cute.

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  1. These look so pretty!! I like that you added extra glitter to them, how fun to play!!

    Can't wait to see your tree!!

  2. What a clever way to make your ornaments special! I hope you took photos of your kids helping you! What a precious memory to have!!

  3. what a clever craft!! now i wanna glitter something!

  4. they will look great on your tree.


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