Saturday, December 22, 2012

DecDaily- Santa's coming? I know him!

I so loved that the kids got to see Santa this year.

I don't think I've seen such a good Santa since my best friend Rachel and I went to see Santa at the 34th Macy's.  That was like a hundred years ago of course.

This year we just lucked out at the Children's museum in a total right place & right time situation.  We didn't even have to wait long.

I was so busy snapping pictures I barely got to hear what Avinash told Santa.  But their conversation was very long, serious and one sided.  Aside from Hub commercial toys, he asked for a lot of pennies.  When pressed, he said it was to fill up his piggy bank with.  Obviously.

I printed another photo enlargement for this page.  I used a little patterned paper and that awesome gold printed vellum again.   It needed a little extra color so I stuck a wide red ribbon under the vellum.  Love how it softened the red just enough.  Also,  wood letters and a Santa badge.

I used one of those letters at Macy's to write down Avi's list (for that day at least).  I added some red JBS number stickers.  The stamps are from the KP holiday set

Today I was totally relieved to see all of that Target/Neiman Marcus stuff on 50% off sale.  Not bad at all, I had to haul my stuff back to return and buy again because the store refused to honor their 'Holiday Price Match' guarantee.   Just glad I got the discount.  Almost 100% sure that I am done with Christmas shopping now.  How about you, any more gifts to buy this weekend?


  1. This is too sweet! Love it! Happy holidays!

  2. So sweet! I love the little Dear Santa list.

  3. there were some super cute little girl dresses in that Target/NM line. But we really have no occasions to wear them and it's so freakin' cold here, that I couldn't justify buying them.

    1. I am thinking they will be cute for her.birthday hopefully! It is very warm here luckily :)


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