Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12: boys play football?

Love the twelve on twelve challenge, because it is an easy way to get a look into everyday life.  And, I have my camera out so often, it's not that hard to take a few extra pictures.   Nandini even helped and took a picture of me.  I went to a lovely girls' brunch in the morning.  We played games together after school.  We lit the menorah together.  Ryan let Avi light one candle while Nandini folded her hands and said Om.  I even made latkes (except I put chaat masala in them).  

Avinash went to his first dance trial class.  He absolutely loved it.  The studio is small, so we had to peek in through the windows.  He listened patiently but was eager to show off his skills in the 'circle dance'.  Each kid had a turn to dance with a scarf around the circle.  He grabbed it and pirouetted a dozen times around the circle with great care.  It was awesome.  He really tried to follow the footwork and ran back and forth on his toes.  He was the only boy, and he was a little worried before class started.  After he came out we didn't hear another word about that.  He did say, however, that he liked it a lot better than soccer.  He danced the whole walk home.  We are definitely signing him up for the new class session in January.  He is so excited and so are we!  I always did love the movie Billy Elliot..

I did not get much scrapbooking done today, but I did make a little insert for my December Daily.  I wanted to fill up the back of a chipboard page.  Just some ribbon, a die cut tree and a printed label.  First, I covered that chipboard star in glitter and tried to seal it with glossy accents.  The whole thing came out looking terribly tacky.  So, I just wrapped twine around it and feel much happier with it.

How was your 12.12.12?  Did anyone actually get a picture 12:12 too?


  1. Awesome that your son enjoyed his dance class. There are no boys at all in the class my daughter attends and it is such a shame! Love your 12 photos!

  2. Love the 12 on 12 idea and you got yourself some great pics!
    Good to hear you son loves dance class. My 3 yr old niece started ballet class a couple of months ago and she loves it!! They are pretty strict overthere and they already have restrictions on what to wear in class, but she loves it anyway. I think it's a good thing they start things like this at a young age.

  3. Your pics are so fun!
    My son wanted to take a tap class but they required a combo class -- tap, ballet and jazz and he really didn't want to do that. I wished he'd had a chance.

  4. Great pics - i had good intentions, but then work got in the way.

  5. Love the 12 on 12 idea but haven't done it yet, maybe next year :)

  6. I adore Billy Elliot and I absoluetly adore your 12.12.12 photos! What a great day! So all the action! Love your DD page!


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