Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The best mom.

Pop Quiz:
You are at the grocery store. You see an extremely pregnant person walking around with two very young children.  One has been screaming about something for at least three aisles now.  As the person pulls into the checkout lane you should:
a) ignore this person
b) offer to help
c) politely smile knowingly, as in, been there and it's okay

a) shoot this person a disapproving look
b) accost this person and point out everything you think they are doing wrong

If you choose to do the latter be prepared to be shamed in front of the entire grocery store as an unkind creep while three employees flock to the rescue of the first patron.  You have been warned.

In totally unrelated news, Nandini thinks that today is "Gudiya birthday", hence she deserves to sit in the back of the cart with free access to the cake bought for Ryan's birthday.  She also thinks the cake needs a happy face.

It is crazy how I will be feeling like I am doing a great job as a mom one minute.  I made countless home cooked meals in the last few days.  Took them to playdates and school on time.  I also cleaned the entire kitchen and painted pumpkins with them.  Not including all the books and games we play.  Seriously, it is only Tuesday!
I even felt pretty good about not giving in to her tantrum and getting her a treat.  I tried to console her and distract her, but she is two and all about discovering her own voice.  I shouldn't have to justify my actions anyway.  I also know I shouldn't take being yelled at in the grocery store so personally but it always gets me.  There is so little validation as a mom.  I need every scrap of help I can get.  Truly, I am so thankful for the employees who stepped in and helped me to my car.  Just, totally saved the day and my sanity.  The guy who walked out with me had a three year old and got to hear all my venting about how it is hard enough without unkind people butting in. 

And, when we got home?  Nandini and Avinash were happy as clams playing legos together, while I am still reeling.  My friend Sasha shared this video earlier today about how kids see their mom.  It had me tearing up earlier in the day and that was before cake-mageddon.  Even though I don't always feel like it I am the best parent I can be.  If you are having a rough day, it doesn't hurt to remember that you are too. Hugs.



  1. Oh yes!!!!! Been there, done that :)

  2. Oh girl, I hear you. I DO. What IS it with people and unsolicited advice? It makes me so mad. Sending you big love today, thanks for joining in. xo

  3. Wow, disapproving looks I've had, but I haven't had anyone be bold enough to confront me. Yay for good employees coming to the rescue. I hope you're able to smile as you think back on your parent wins for the day.

  4. Seriously--I've decided that motherhood just has very high highs and very low lows:) Sounds like you're doing a great job!

  5. you doing grand job. be kind to yourself


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