Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pirate Chest DIY (and free silhouette woodgrain cut file!)

And, while we are on the theme of parties, here is something I made for Avinash's pirate party last year.  Some how I find it more arduous to blog about party crafts than actually do them (I do a lot!), lol.

Here are the basic steps.  You need a big box, kraft paper (you can get rolls of this very cheap for packages at like Staples and stuff), black construction paper, yellow washi tape (I used cheap target brand stuff) and some mist or paint.   I created a woodgrain stencil and cut it out with my cameo.  I then drew in the wood beams and misted the pattern here and there.  The lock is an old chipboard set I had, but you can make one out of paper and color it with a metallic sharpie.

The box was filled with plastic swords and fairy wands for the kids to play with and take home after the party. 

This is the stencil file I created.  You should be able to click on the image to grab the file if you want to use it. 

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