Monday, October 7, 2013

You are five!

You are always chatting and making observations about things.  Today we discussed letters and how some start with the letter they are but W starts with D and Y starts with W.  Very true.

You love looking for treasure, going on adventures and also collecting treasure.  Sometimes it is little (fake plastic) gems or minerals. Other times it is a random combination of things, like twine, a comb and Ryan's glasses (which he no longer needs according to you).

You would watch TV all day and night if you could but you would be doing somersaults on couch after about five minutes.

You love mac&cheese, pears, paneer, roti, all candy and ring pops, donuts, cupcakes and tomato juice.  Has requested a feast from Nani with that delicious roti she makes when she gets here.

You get yourself ready in the morning now but only because we use TV as a motivator.  You also buckle your own car seat and will help Nandini when she lets you.  You still take your shoes off every chance you get.

You are learning to read and spell.

You are always working on new things with Ryan: lego projects, playing ball, swimming.

You love to plant seeds and water them.  You check on our pumpkins everyday with me now.

You love your sister and fight with her viciously.  You got stickers for her at Disney and put them on her while she napped in her carriage.  You also are ruthless when it comes to potato chips. 

You love your friends and are constantly making little projects or notes for them.

You are super excited for your party.  Every day your idea of the party becomes scarier and scarier. 

I made this page with JBS Mercantile kit a few weeks ago and didn't get a chance to share it yet. 

Love you Avinash!


  1. So cute. Love the "almost" 5, and the white stamping!

  2. Great page, I love JBS products so much fun stuff.

  3. Gorgeous spread and such a wonderful post. I need to remember to write down what my boys are like at their current ages. Perfect time to start since my eldest is turning five next week.

  4. What a great post to remember him at 5 :) Gorgeous layout

  5. Wow - this is really great! I love the colors and the nice theme! :D


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