Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Super Beast!

I had to share this note I got from Avinash's gymnastics class.  It totally made my day.  He really is such a joy to watch at gymnastics.  He listens to his teacher now, follows instructions, waits in line for his turn and shares (occasionally).  I am so proud of him when he waits to jump onto the parachute. He can do so many cool things, like swing on the rings, walk across the balance beam, do a somersault on his own and hang onto the bars.  Of course he still loves just running around in a circle, especially when another kid joins him. 



I have attached a picture of Avinash from class a couple weeks ago when he did a make-up in my class. I can't believe how much he has grown over the past couple years. I remember when he first started and he wasn't even walking yet in my Birds class. Now he is such an independent, confident Super Beast trying things all by himself. Hopefully you can share this with Ryan and others who don't get to come every week.

Happy Handstands,


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