Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby prep.

I am done with one set of the rainbow on the new baby blanket.  I love working on it so much, all the color changes make it alot of fun actually.  It is already big enough to hold EO.  Avinash was so excited to try it on him last night. 

EO fweep in dere!  Cheese!

We started asking Avinash about the new baby more and more.  He likes playing with the baby dolls at the museum and wrapping them up in blankets.  We asked him if he would like to get a new baby and he always say yes.  So, we told him that he'll be able to go to the hospital and pick one out soon!  I showed him a video from his birth (it was all shot after he was completely delivered and while he was being placed in my arms).  He still asked if the baby came from the did he figure that? Ha!  I have high hopes that he will do well with the transition.  Luckily, we have so many family members coming to help out that I think all the extra attention will help!

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