Sunday, February 13, 2011

34 weeks.

8 1/2 months down, one more to go! I am getting more and more excited every day. I thought it started to feel really real when my doctor and I decided to schedule an induction date just in case. Then, today, a friend of mine finds out that she is about to her March baby any day now. Gah! So crazy and excited I can't stand it. She is a little further along than me, but I guess you never know!
I am overall enjoying this pregnancy and not trying to rush it along too much.
Truth, I am getting bigger. A friend I hadn't seen since December told me that I have started getting huge. Um, thanks? Moving around is a bit tough at times.
Ryan laughs at me a little whenever I ask for him to help me get up. What? I don't ask all the time, but sometimes I get into a spot I can't get out of..
I tend to forget what it was like with Avinash around this time. Apparently I couldn't move much then either. The main thing I remember with him is swollen feet and legs. Thankfully, I am in the clear on that one for now.
What else? I am really loving the cravings I get. I don't have heartburn or nausea anymore, so I can pretty much eat anything I want. I love anything spicy. I used to throw whole chilis in food, just for the flavor, and then fish them out in the end. Now, I dice them up fine and put in one or two at least. Sooo good. (Luckily, Avinash didn't seem to mind the spicy macaroni and cheese I made for dinner tonight. In fact, I think he liked more than he likes velveeta. Victory! Seriously I feel sooo relieved anytime he eats anything, and if it is something that I made from scratch I get bonus points, ha!) I am also really into hot beverages of any kind: hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. I even bought a coffee grinder the other day. I know, I really shouldn't be drinking it, but I try to only have it in moderation! Anyway, I can't really have any after the baby is born either because I don't want the baby to be up all night from caffeine! So many tough choices.
So glad that Ryan is back after another trip to DC. He had an amazing speaking opportunity at CPAC. We are so proud of him! I'm also a little jealous since I couldn't travel with him this time. He got to hang out with so many of our friends and his sister while Avinash and I missed out. It is definitely hard feeling stranded down here in Texas away from our family! Even Dallas is too far away for regular visits with Anuj. (At least Avinash still talks about Anuj and his Nana, Nani all the time. He asked repeatedly about where Anuj was last night at dinner and even started shouting his name, so cute.)

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