Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Life - Jan 31 to Feb 6

I keep forgetting to get a picture on Monday...oh well.

We ran all over the Children's museum today, including a quick trip to the painting station. Notice how he had me write out STOP on the painting. Once we got home Avinash ate two fried eggs and I was so thankful he had at least one good meal.

After we are done with storytime and our craft at the library, Avinash and I always go down to check out the kids books. Today he spent most of his time watching the other kids play games on the computer. He was so enthralled he wouldn't sit down! Afterwards, we stopped by Central Market where Avi set up a buffet for himself in the cart from all the samples (nen bapas! nen salu!)

Avinash and I had a make up class at Little Gym's today. He did so well on the rings, I was so proud. And even more when he waited patiently in line and didn't fight when another kid took his dandiya.

I finally got my new camera lens! Hopefully there will be fewer camera phone pics now. 

Avinash is so into Disney DVDs now, he hardly ever even wants to watch Lala (aka sesame street) in the mornings. Current favorites include Dumbo, Pinocchio and, one of my personal favorites, Robin Hood!
Friday was actually a 'snow' day for Ryan from work. Well it was actually a 'cold' day, since it never actually snowed but his office and most of the city was shut down for the day. Unfortunately our only activity was taking Avi to see his plastic surgeon. Luckily Avinash had tons of fun riding the train there and back (but no pictures of that).

Avinash was wearing black and gold all weekend to show his Steeler pride. The fake moustache gives it just the right touch I think!

Ryan and I went out for actual dinner and dancing at the AHA Heart Ball that night too, but the photos still aren't back yet. It was fun having a real date night.

So we never got tickets or made it out to Dallas. I was just sad about not getting to see the Superbowl with my family. Of course the game itself was the real heartbreaker. There's always next year, sigh.

Celebrating a rare Steeler's touchdown with Avi here. He loves his terrible 'tallu'.

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