Monday, February 21, 2011

Full moon.

I have to say, the moon looked enormous on friday night.  I had read earlier that day that the full moon.  Well, I am really excited to have this baby, but 35 weeks just feels too early.  So, I tried not to do anything to drastic.  Well, sure enough, after dinner I started feeling my belly tense up.  Hmm, having scrambled eggs with salsa and jalepeno may not have been the best call.  I started contracting sporadically after that for the rest of night.  I finally slept at 3 am and woke up three hours later with the same thing.  Luckily it started to subside and I haven't had any since.  I am really looking forward to my doctors appt Monday morning now to see if she has any predictions about the babys arrival date!



I went to the doctor Monday morning for a routine check up.  Told her about Friday night but she was planning on checking me anyway.  Turns out I am 3cm dilated already, eeeeeek!!  She was even talking about the feeling the baby's cranial sutures.  Whoa.   I guess this baby is head down and wanting to come out.  I have an ultrasound tomorrow to double check the position and the size.  I am praying that the baby is not too tiny at this point.  I am only 35 weeks and a couple of days, so if I deliver the baby now it will be a bit pre-mature.  

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