Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Avi's phone.

Avinash loves talking on the phone, especially to Nanaji and Naniji. He asks to call them almost everyday lately though he usually doesn't say much, just listens. But he always wants to call back five minutes later!

This video is from our recent trip to Austin, he isn't actually talking to anybody but I love hearing him chatter so much. When he notices me holding the camera, he pauses to say cheese! Apparently he is talking to some babies, but he also mentions Nana. He is under the impression that the phone is also a video transmitter and tries to show the babies something with it. He still does this with my parents a lot (see it?). At one point I start laughing and the video gets all shaky. Sorry. Hope that you can hear him alright, it is a bit garbled.

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