Friday, December 16, 2011

Nandini @ nine months

You are cruising around the coffee table and taking little forays from table to couch, but always holding on. 

Bappi swore he saw you stand up for a brief time, but it is not a feat that has been repeated.

I love it sometimes when you wake up a few hours after bedtime because I've missed you and get to tell you I love you again.  Plus you just usually want to nurse and snuggle a bit before going back to sleep.  Usually..

If I fall asleep nursing you, you have started smacking me in the face to wake me up. 

You are such a tomboy, you love to play ball and are really good at it.  You love Avi's tool set (that he has no interest in).  You started clapping the other day.  You reach your hands up over your head in this really cute way all the time and you recently started putting up only one hand for high fives.  You love drums and drumming your hands against the floor.

You also really really love all of my scrapbooking stuff and are constantly trying to get into my boxes. I'm not sure if there is anything you like more than chewing on nice patterned paper.  And leftover scraps really won't do.  I try to set up a decoy box, no dice.

You are getting pickier about your food.  You had a few days of beets, but then you were not a fan.  Not even a little bit.  You used to love anything and everything made with sweet potatoes, but I think you are starting to reach your limit with those as well.  Sometimes you throw your hands up (jazz hands!) and try to block the spoon from entering your general vicinity.   Because you are pretty much powerless to resist once it comes close.  But that doesn't mean you have to like it.  Sometimes I have to sneak the first bite in before you are convinced you don't hate it, then everything goes well.  Maybe you are just really worried we could be trying to give you beets again.  And a girl can never be too careful with beets.  All forms and flavors of yogurt are still acceptable.  I should remember to make more things with chick pea flour too.
You do love feeding yourself.  Like little cut up pieces of banana or halved beans or bits of rice or bread.  And many, many, many cheerios.

I had thought you would be gaining weight well since you are so into solids, but it is not to be.  You are below 5th-%ile for weight (14.8 pounds).  Ugh.  I alternate between feeling quilty, confused or upset, and sometimes all three at once.  I have pretty much been trying to nurse you every hour since I found out your weight.  We have another appointment in four weeks to check on you.  I don't think I'll be able to wait that long to find out if you are okay. 
I do wonder if the fact that your 9-month check was really a week early may have skewed the results of the growth chart?  I mean, it's possible right?

You have had a lot of holiday firsts already - Holi, Fourth of July, Halloween, Diwali. So looking forward to your first Christmas too!  You have already helped trim the tree and played Santa.  And you are totally mesmermized by the twinkle lights randomly strewn about our apartment.

You always search for Avinash first thing in the morning and aren't satisfied until you find him AND get his attention.  I think you must miss him while you sleep.  Do you dream of playing together? 

He has the power to make you laugh like no one else, though Nana and Nani come close.  I treasure your laugh. 
(Also, I really hate that thing about how if it took nine months to gain the weight, it should only take you nine months to lose it.  Get a grip on reality.  Not happening here and I don't think I'm that abnormal, ha! I was also going to say something about how it would be nice to lose weight in proportion to her gaining weight, but that doesn't really apply.)

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