Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Party!

Nandini is wearing Avi's old 0-3 month size Santa suit.  The original 'want to see the cutest thing ever?' Santa suit from Monster's Inc fame.  It fits her surprisingly well, though I did add a black tutu so she had more of a girl Christmas elf thing going (x-mas for you hellenophiles).

They are all dressed up for a friend's Christmas party.

Which someone may or may not have confused for Halloween. You guess who.

And, while you are at it, tell me why this kid refused to put on any of his ten-thousand costumes other than a fireman t-shirt the entire month of October (and a good part of September), but jumped into his big and bulky dragon outfit despite protests from Bappi? 

Of course he at first resisted putting on his Santa outfit and made Nandini dress up alone, until he came up with his dragon idea.  I'm sure that getting to do his own thing and not doing exactly what we want helps.  Still, I thought it was weird.

And, no I didn't crop him out of this picture because he was dressed as a dragon.  But because on our way out he finally had had enough and was shirtless.  Even weirder. 

I am not a hundred percent sure, but I hope I didn't tell him that. He was so proud of his costume. And demanded party games as soon as we got there. But was pretty equally impressed with chips and cartoons. And later conned many many adults into cracking walnuts for him, even after that nutcracker broke. This happened after he may or may not have eaten all of the hershey kisses on the coffee table. Amazingly he had no trouble falling asleep once we got home.

Nandini was very content to just stay in my arms and even branched out with Bridget for a bit, getting a cracker only sweetened the deal.  (side note: most of the pictures didn't turn out that great last night, except of course for Bridget here who always looks amazing.)

But, playing Santa (or one of his elves?? I don't know) does eventually tire a girl out, so we left a bit early.  She is so sweet and snuggly when she gets tired, I love it.

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