Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside {Snow Day at the Houston Zoo}

Nandini and I braved the elements Saturday morning in search of snow.

What do you know,

we found some.

In the middle of Houston.  At the zoo.

Nandini was totally unimpressed by it.  May-be because it was just a small patch of grass in the zoo with some ice on it.

All of the kids thought it was super fun to kick at the snow.  Because that is what we used to do on snow days up North.  Stand outside and kick snow all day, tons of fun.  It didn't take long for that little patch of ice to get muddy. And, all of the parents there thought it was really important to dress in ski jackets, masks and boots.  For the two inches of not actual snow.  Not that I found that funny or anything.  Or, maybe I'm just trying to justify the fact that Nandini has no shoes or socks on.

Luckily her boyfriend, er, baby friend got her some legwarmers and she's all set now.

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