Monday, December 5, 2011

Not me Nandi-day

Welcome to Not Me! Monday, where MckMama hosts posts on her blog so we can share a few of our secrets from the week, revealing some things we’d rather forget. Why? Because it’s therapeutic and makes us all feel less alone.


This child did not suddenly get the idea to stick her fingers in her mouth until she gags.  She has not successfully made her self gag three times that way. 

As a pretty confident person, I did not feel incredibly worried and guilty about this.  I mean, I never laugh with my family and call her chunku or chubby cheeks or anything.  Obviously, she's just a little baby and I wouldn't worry that she was taking these things to heart.

I would never start using the term baby bulimia, even if only in my head.

And, to make things even rosier and lovelier we did not awake to find our bedroom flooded and a mysterious rash spreading across her tummy.

So, I'm not worrying about juggling having maintenance workers and carpet cleaners come and taking Nandini to the doctor and nap times and school pick up. 

Not me! or Nandini!

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