Thursday, December 8, 2011

A very good day.

I bought Avinash his first Advent calendar (because it was on sale for 99c, ha!).  He was so excited when I explained the concept.  First, he insisted on closing his eyes to receive his present.  I had also bought some gingerbread 'cake' at Central Market, so as he said, that makes a birthday party!

He fell asleep on the way home, but was very excited about it when he woke up.  First I covered a slice of gingerbread with butter, a bit of sugar and some rainbow sprinkles. 


(He was alot more excited than this picture makes it seem.  Also, my house isn't this messy in real life.)

He devoured it pretty quickly.  The frosting part at least.  The advent calendar sent him over the top.  We look all the numbers and I eat all the chocolate gelt. Twenty numbers!

It took a little while, but he finally accepted the one a day concept.  But he couldn't quite grasp the fact that the chocolate inside an advent calendar is not exactly gelt.  I love that he was eventually able to restrain himself.  When he showed it to Ryan later I was definitely worried that Bappi wouldn't be able to hold back either, ha!

Some more good things today,

I decided to let Avinash play to his heart's content (well, almost, we were bargaining for nine more minutes, no, nine seconds, no, nine minutes, no one minute! at the end there).  He very sweetly held Nandini and went down the slide with her.  She absolutely loved it! I'm so happy when she is happy. 

We saw a butterfly on the way to the car.  Avi chased it and it flew off.  I told him to walk slowly or we would scare it away and we tiptoed towards it together.  We sat a few inches away from it, Nandini was totally still but fascinated (because her big brother was).  We watched it, noticed it's white spotted black body and orange, black and white wings.  And it flew away as Avi tried to offer it a blade of grass. 

Of course, in the interest of honesty there were some average things that I loved anyway,

Both kids ate a whole banana at the grocery store.  Plus a bit of every other sample of course.  And I didn't have to make lunch at home.

Everyone at school and later at the grocery store loved her Carter's cow pram.  It used to be Avi's and looks extra snugly over her chubby cheeks.

Nandini finally woke up rash free this morning, but still don't know what caused it.

Avi and I made shapes with play-doh and then cut them up into new shapes.  While Nandini desperately tried to grab some and taste it (sniff sniff, poor baby).

some bad parts as well.

I refused to play hide and seek today because I know I can never recreate yesterday's awesome performance.  I think I will have to blog about that soon, it was insane.

Our soaked carpet is finally out of our house being cleaned, but despite constant de-humidification, our apartment is still just musty and water condenses on every hard surface.  Plus the apartment complex is now balking at paying the cleaning fee they originally agreed to...thanks guys.

Avi fell down in the parking lot of Central Market and cut his tongue on the way down.  It was like slow motion but I just couldn't reach him in time to catch him.  I had to hold him and push the cart with Nandini in it for the rest of the time.

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