Sunday, December 18, 2011

If you're thankful and you know it

My parents have really been wanting to see these videos, so here you go. Avinash's very first school show. Well, actually just the rehearsal, but I think we got the same effect even without their 'Indian' feather hats on.

Of course, finding your seat is very tricky business.

Note how Avinash only really eats the green beans, but takes time to chew and swallow. He doesn't really get into it until the pumpkin pie part anyway, which he is dying to try.

Notice how he points and tells Nisha, my family there. That and blowing kisses are the best.

What are Avinash and Nisha whispering about? And, that is Nandini in the background blowing raspberries and getting bored.

I love all the organized chaos. Grandparents, enjoy!

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