Saturday, November 19, 2011


So thankful for so many things, but I thought I'd take a moment and reminisce about my lovely little patch of dirt concrete (which I covered in pots full of dirt).

Thankful for

tons and tons of basil.  So much that it is growing in at least half of the planters.  And in the drainage area one story below.  So much that I make pizza and calzones at least once a week.  And the calzones seem like spinach ones, but it is really just all basil.

Our bird (ie, squirrel) feeder that totally fascinated Avinash.
All of my beautiful little flowers.  This took a while, but we have so many different types.  Little purple wildflower ones, bright pink bougainvillea, white jasmine, yellow watermelon, white sweet pea blossoms, little moss roses, these fushia comb flowers.  Mostly grown from seeds too. 

Playing outside in the rain.

My little pepper plant that is flowering and fruiting for the third time this year. 

The countless watermelons, some of which went to nourish us, many of which went to nourish the birds.  Avi ate one whole just the other day.  Skin and all.  Luckily I was able to wash it at least, though there was already a bite missing at that point.

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  1. You are so very blessed. Hugs sweet friend.

  2. Thanks Stephanie Howell for your comment. Hugs to you too.


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