Monday, November 14, 2011

8 months

I got so behind and October was so busy already that I ended up just skipping Nandini's 7 month post all together.  Sorry baby girl!

You are becoming even more of a champion little eater.  People are always shocked and tell me passive aggressive little comments when they see me hand you a whole banana to munch on in the shopping cart at Central Market.  I really don't care.  Haven't these people heard of baby led weaning?  You enjoy gumming off little bits and it helps teach you how to eat.  I like it because you get to practice without making a mess all over the house.  

Cheerios are like the best thing to happen to you in a while.  And the best thing to happen to me.  Unlike puffs, which I think are gross and grossly overpriced, I can buy a big box and be well stocked for weeks for less than three dollars.  And that's not counting coupons (which I usually forget at home, so nevermind).  You finally started working on your pincer grasp and will grab them out of my hand.  I never thought to work on this with you, until I saw a friend doing this with her son.  And he was pretty dang coordinated, so I figured why not.  It took you a little while, as your initial preference was to bring your mouth to my hand and then use your thumb to ensure the cheerios were well placed.  And suck your thumb a little as a bonus.  Anyway, now you can pincer grasp those cheerios with the best of them.  And love to have your own little bowl of them which you shake and dump out and then gather up cheerios again to scoop into your mouth.  You're also learning to be quick, otherwise Avi will definitely take them.  He always asks my permission to eat them all up and then does so anyway when he does not get it.
Is this cheerios story a bit too long?  Sorry, it was like a revelation to me.  Looking back I feel like I hardly ever gave Avi any solid foods let alone snacks.

You totally shocked me when we found you standing up in your crib at the end of your nap.  Uh-oh...time to lower the crib mattress.  I realized that Avi was standing on his own around 9 months and walking a month later, so I had to get on the ball with Nandini.  Of course the only thing that motivated her to take a few steps while holding on to the coffee table was the allure of more cheerios.  I tried to use Avi's truck to help you learn like he did, but it's just not really working.  Part of the problem is that as soon you try, Avi swoops in and claims it as his own and runs away with it.

You are a total tomboy already I think.  You are so not interested in being dressed up (but what baby is?).   Instead, you love to play ball with me and Daddy.  You are really very purposeful about rolling the ball back to us.  You will even grab our hand to move it closer to the ball so we catch it.   I find it kinda funny because your attention span with the ball is much longer than Avi's is with it even now.  You also really love the toolbench toy so much.  You will sit there and circular saw fake wood over and over and over again until the whole thing falls over and you can't figure out how to pick it back up.  When it comes to the little animals pop up toy, you have no interest in figuring out how to get them to come up, but once they are you are on a mission to push them back down again even if every single one of your fingers gets stuck in the process.  Why can't they just stay in their homes?  Are they too good for their homes??

You do however really really love my scrapbook stuff.  If any of it is left on the floor you make a bee line for it and try to stuff whatever it is in your mouth.  I see you trying to reach for stuff on the desk and crying all the time.  Sorry little girl.  It is tough when Mommy won't share.

You still sleep through the night, but we had a rough couple of days there when Daddy was out of town and daylight savings time happened all at the same time.  Yeah, you cried, I cried, but we are getting over it now.  Your naps are not what they used to be still, but at least you are back to sleeping for at least an hour while Avi takes his afternoon nap (thank god).  That is Mommy's lunch break.  It is so obvious (and kinda funny) when you are tired, you get very whiny and start searching for your thumb. 

You are laughing much more now.  You love to play hide and seek with Avinash.  Where he throws a sheet on your head, you struggle to get it off and then laugh hysterically when he shouts surprise.  The diaper trick no longer holds any allure for you. 

I think that we may have confused you a little bit when it comes to communicate.  There are other ways to talk to people other than blowing raspberries and spit bubbles at them.  Of course, when you do this, I can't help but respond -- it's too cute!  Avinash may or may not have gotten in trouble for doing this at school. 

You are definitely a Momma's girl right now and will often cry when Daddy holds you until you get back to me.  I secretly love it and know I'll be a little bummed when this phase is over. 

{And don't put her down on the grass!  Photo by MckMama}

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