Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat Time!

We love getting dressed up for Halloween and do so all month long.  And by we, I mean I love dressing up my babies until they get big enough to refuse to wear their silly costumes.  Maybe they'll come around again in a year or two.  Hey, I can always hope! 

The one part that Avinash does love is the trick-or-treat of course.  The treats part to be more specific.  The Children's Museum in Houston has a great Halloween set up almost all October long.  We would go trick-or-treating in the afternoons after naptime whenever we got the chance.  Avinash and I snuch out there just the two of us today for the big Halloween party too.  They had a DJ, a pumpkin patch, crafts and really good candy.

Running off to get splashed for good measure.

We went to boo at the zoo twice this year. 

Complete with the Thriller dance done by children in animal costumes.  These kids were amazing.  Avi did NOT want to stay and watch the dance, despite my cajoling, in favor of the playground, but was totally amazed once they started their routine. 

Mommy, look! A'mals dancin'!!

Spiderman and monkey baby visit the zoo.

And, we went to the costume party at Little Gym's once more.
Avi refused to wear a costume, but won a prize somehow anyway!  Posing proudly with his teacher.

Bat girl mastering the balance beam with a little help from big brother (who was also too scared to do it).

We even went to Mickey's Not-so-scary Halloween Party at Disney World
With our fireman and baby mermaid.

But tonight Avinash got to do something really special for the first time: trick or treat door to door the old fashioned way.  He picked out his own costume, his Steeler's jersey (which he regularly refuses to wear on gameday).  Of course he had to go with his friend Nisha, aka, supergirl.

They held hands and shared candy, but still managed to play lots of tricks on their mommas!

The baby elephant and mermaid tagged along for the ride as well...

At the Harry Potter house, complete with Sorcery lessons from Snape.  These people were totally in character the whole time, hilarious. 
Somehow, we managed to hold hand in the streets at all times, avoid any scrapped knees or other major booboos and got home safely with all our loot. 

Now all I have to do is hide it all while he sleeps and think of a good excuse in the morning, ha!

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