Friday, November 25, 2011



loves being held by her Mommy, but needs to be in the middle of the action when other kids are playing.  She will very quietly watch and take it all in.  She doesn't make a peep unless someone tries to pull a little toy out of her mouth.  She loves it and laughs when I hold her at Avi's eye level and let her 'chase him' around the house.  She kicks her little legs like she is running and squeals with delight.  It is still a very quiet squeal so you do have to strain a bit to hear it, but the huge grin is unmistakable.  Mwah!

has been showing off her tongue quite frequently.  It's the new raspberry apparently.  If you do this back to her she assumes you want her to grab your tongue.  Not sure what response she is expecting when she does it yet.

adores swinging with my gorgeous, talented, and super sweet babhi.

loves the little bells and whistles on the front of her walker so much that she cries when we stand her up to walk with it and prefers to sit in front of it and play with the front.


however was eager to show off his skills with the walker and proudly grabbed it and pushed it around the living room.

proved in .0000003 seconds that the gyro-bowl is not spill-proof and dumped cheerios all over the ground.  Then wanted to try out ice cream in it.  Worth a shot.  I suddenly realized why the commercial never showed any liquids in that dang bowl....(because it doesn't work) 

warms my heart when he tells Nandini or his cousin Lily that he loves her.  Admissions of love for the neighbors dog notwithstanding, I do believe that he means it.

is making robot faces {There is no more unhappiness. Affirmative. 000001 0000011}


have drank almost an entire bottle of nyquil this week.

have been getting a lot of slobbery baby kisses.

have been knitting for the better part of today

Aand, Avi has been helping Mommy with her knitting by tying knots in the string for me.  Thanks Avi!

Aaand, Nandini also snuggled up with the yarn and was literally hugging the skein while I was finishing it up. 

So yes, a lot of love went into this little hat. 
View the details of this project here over on Kayla Aimee's blog.  Beanies for Preemies | Giving Back
My heart hurt a lot a bit while I made and saw the finished project, thinking about two tiny babies we know who are missed.

I just finished up my hat tonight, I modified a vintage baby knit pattern for the project. I will post the pattern and pictures tomorrow.  It doesn't take long or a lot of yarn.  Consider making one if you have the time before Christmas.

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