Sunday, November 20, 2011

google searches

Writing a blog is a bit of a futile exercise for me.  Hence I love to check my stats a lot. 

One of the weirdest things is that blogger lets you see what people are googling before getting to your sight.  It's mostly Avinash and Ryan Hecker, or something about knitting, but I love the random ones.

Google searches:

"Cake for Avinash"
I love this one.  It was typed in with the quotes and everything.  When did that kid start typing?  Anyway,
The short answer is always, yes please!

He loves ring pop/pink pops from Starbucks too (the birthday cake pops), with sprinkles of course.  Basically anything with sprinkles.  And, he prefers white chocolate or vanilla to dark chocolate (sorry Bappi).

"pictures of bouncy house cupcakes"
I don't have these.  I don't even know what those would look like.

This is Avinash's Candyland Cake though:

Hope that helps. I basically just put a bunch of candy on a plain white cake with the colored squares iced on at the Central Market bakery.  They had a lot of trouble with the plain white part and I ended up having to scrape off a lot of ugly candy canes and lollipops first.

"ride the dog" -frowned
I would frown on that too.  Though not on riding the roomba apparently

modeling clay cute
It can be! I made little sheep and pigs too.

partyblog nandini
Sigh.  I was hoping we wouldn't have to deal with this for a few more years at least. 

Nandini? Please stop partying on the blog, ok?  You are just too little.  What would people say if they found out?  What does this even involve?  Blowing raspberries at other babies while you chew on the mouse? 

janie and jack coupon november 2011
Ok, this is more of a real one.  So far all I have found is a 20% coupon in Parent's magazine.  It is good now through December.  I used mine today, but the selection was blech.  Have barely shopped there at all since Nandini was born.  I liked the one for Gap much more, 40% off all baby girl dresses and 7% cash back if you click through the link. 

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