Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Up all night.

I was laughing at Up all night yesterday in spite of myself. I loved Will Arnett in Arrested Development and Running Wilde, but as the straight man stay-at-home Dad? Not so much. I will often crack up to myself just thinking about his 2600 dollar suit on AD, but his new show doesn't even make me smile. It finally had a little moment of truth amidst all the saccharine mainstream dialogue when he thought his 8-month old daughter was calling him a jerk. That I can relate to. Oh how I can relate.

Oh yeah, I also made gnocchi tonight because he made it on the show and it was damn good. I usually make it in brown butter, but I was inspired by the marinara he made. Is that weird? Wait, don't tell me.

Dinner may have been the high point of the day. Because it felt like Nandini was calling me a jerk. All. Day. Long. Sigh...

Don't believe me? Ask her.


10 reasons why I'm mad at Mommy.

1. She put me on the floor in the morning and made me chase cheerios all over the place.

2. She tried to get me to eat her oatmeal, which no one else in the whole world (!) likes. It was yuck. Almost as bad as beets, almost.

3. She strapped me into my car seat and didn't let me get out the entire time on the way to pick Avi up from school AND on the way home. Is baby torture still legal?

4. She said she was going to get me sweet potatoes (finally!) and then she made while she was heating it and stirring it. She even had the gall to put me down and not hold me while she did this. Heartless.

5. Bought me a rockabye lion, but forces all these photos on it.

6. Made me sit on the floor while she was in the bathroom, instead of holding me. What, is she too good for a diaper like the rest of us?

7. Tried to put me down for a nap when I started rubbing my eyes, sucking my thumb and laying my head down. I don't need to nap! I just stood up in my crib and laid my head on the side of that, ha! You can't trick me.

8. Taunted me with all the fimo Agricola animals, but would not let me put all of them in my mouth. How else am I supposed to learn stuff?

9. She knitted me a entrelac berry hat and tried to make me wear it!  Doesn't she know strawberries can be highly allergenic for little babies?

10. Did not let me help her with the scrapbook or drool all over the pages while we were looking at the album with Avi.  Isn't it MY album?

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