Sunday, November 6, 2011

A boy and his dog

I took Avinash and Nandini to the park after his doctor's visit the other day.  Thankfully he is back on the growth chart for weight, though he is still 26.5 pounds and 37 inches tall.  He was such a big boy and walked over to get measured with the nurse all by himself.  I was lagging behind with the baby, but I was watching him from a distance.  It kills me to see him being so self sufficient (in a good way).  

At the park he was enthralled to see the pine needles which were everywhere and tried to gather them all up. 

Mommy, look a fetch!
A 'tick, dogs fetch it.  Ohhhh, no dogs a' coming.
(Terribly dejected when no dogs appeared to chase after the pine needles. I started getting panicky about who might be filling in for these absent dogs and suggested Ryan would play dogs with him later.)

He was super excited to see Ryan later on.  

Bappi, you a dog.
(Huh? I explained the park to him.)

They ran around the house playing fetch and Avi trying to ride the dog, while Ryan tried to avoid this.

Dog? You eat bones?
There your house dog!
(Pointing to his dilapidated fort that clutters up our living room.)
I go work now (climbing on his little truck and driving away), you pying now dog.  You pie* now!
And without breaking character, when Ryan stood up on a chair to help me hang stuff.
What you doing up there, Bap--What you doing, dog?

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