Sunday, November 6, 2011


In honor of Ryan's return (sort of, I was too hungry to wait for takeout) I made calzones with fresh ricotta of course. Because fresh ricotta is so good. And because I was totally out of it and refuse to eat pizza without it.

I ended up turning the pizzas into calzones because I just knew I was not going to have a successful cutting board to baking sheet transfer otherwise.

For now we still have basil growing outside, so lots of that went in too. Plus, more hot peppers from the garden and regular garlic and onion with a dash of magic sauce. I also used some goat's milk mozzarella this time. It didn't have the same texture, but I'm thinking that goats have less weird chemicals in their bodies than cows so maybe the cheese is better? I don't know, worth a try.

I drizzled a little extra olive oil and dusted parmesan cheese. Bake at 450 and rescue from oven before just barely burning it. I pre heat my big cast iron skillet so that the crust gets nice and crusty on the hot pan. (I suppose I could just guy a pizza stone since they are not that much money.)

The end result was amazing.  Simple, relatively quick and so delicious.  Of course Avi made his own little pizza which he actually ate for once and then ate all the crust and cheese he could get from our plates.

The ricotta is also fairly simple to make. Bring a quarter gallon of milk to a simmer with a healthy pinch of salt. Juice one or two limes or lemons (i used limes) in a bowl. Once the milk is simmering add the juice, stir, and cook for one to two more minutes. Place a fine mesh colander (no cheese cloth needed) over the bowl and pour the curdled milk in. Allow it to drain for a few minutes, stir gently as necessary. And, ta-da! I added a little olive oil and a bit more salt for a little extra flavor at the end.

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