Monday, November 21, 2011

Not me! Monday from Sunday.

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

This day did not start with a 9 am birthday party and then go up hill from there. 

When my husband offered to take the kids out to the park during the evening cranky-baby overload hour, I did not feel incredibly guilty even though I spent the whole time trying to make dinner.

I did not also try out a probably totally effective 4-minute workout I spotted on pinterest.  Which will not likely be the only workout I actually try from there.

This four-minute workout did not knock all of the wind out of me.  Which definitely means it is working and is a whole new step up from our previous 8-minute ab workout. 

Shortly thereafter I did not find out the tortillas broiling in the oven had caught on fire.  Ummm...definitely not.

After dinner,  I did not open the cabinet to get the dust pan out, have Nandini at my feet while I was sweeping something up and in that two minutes have Avinash go behind me, get some spray, run around the island and spray her practically in the face before I have any clue of what is going on.

Did not scream at my 3 year old and then make my baby cry bloody murder for the next fifteen minutes while I tried to wash her eyes out just in case.

And I don't still feel like the worst mother who can't keep up and can't get it together.


Thankfully both children are safely sleeping now with no permanent damage, (unless you count possible emotional scars?). 


Mckmama- Not Me Monday

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