Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 on ten

1. My baby turns one in four days.  Somebody help!  I just can't believe it. She can't even walk yet, how can she be almost one..

2. I love the beach spa I got last week.  Ie, faceplanting in the sand when I get wiped out by a wave in the ocean.  It took me days to get all of the sand out of my scalp, but it has not felt this healthy in a long time.  That is some serious exfoliation.

3. Scrapping a lot.  I printed out a few Hawaii pictures and just got started with my SC story hour kit.  I made three layouts so far and two project life spreads.  So fun! (and so much housework neglected, again..)

4. Speaking of sand, I like to think of all the sand I still have in my dryer as a fond reminder of all of our time spent frolicking on white sand beaches.  All that is missing are the spinner dolphins.
 Oh yes, that is me swimming out there.

5. Nandini has a favorite book.  Rat-a-tat, cat! It is a very short little board book based on the Aristocats.  She dances along when we read it, bops back and forth, bounces up and down, turns the pages, coos a song and claps at the end.  She is just so taken with the little kitties and it is so funny for us because we haven't really noticed such a strong (non-food) preference like this before in her.

6. Trying to give up coffee. I had a lot of great coffee in Kona, but I think my frequent starbucks runs are becoming too much of a daily habit.

7. Trying to figure out who snuck into my apartment and shrunk all of my jeans.  Not cool.  I always think that I am so active on vacation and eat whatever I want.  I thought I would be eating a lot of fruit and stay healthy, but instead we ate a lot of heavy pastas and portugese doughnuts malasadas.  Heaven then, not so much now. 

8.  Had fun buying some more Boden clothes. I adore their boys shorts and I couldn't pass up the buy 3 get 1 piece for 1.00 + free shipping (coupon code WF03, save 2.5% cash back here).  After sending me three catalogues they finally got to me. 

9. The hotel in Lanaii had the most amazing little rooms to hang out in around the lobby.  A game room (the trophy room) with billiards and shuffleboard.  A library with kids games and crafts.  It had the most beautiful antique furniture, but Avinash loved the bean bag chairs.  Mommy look!! Beanning bag chairs!!   We put him in the kids terry robe, and he called it his playing jacket.  We played chutes and ladders, until Nandini sat on the board and started laughing hyseterically.

10. Avinash is not a cowboy.  I not scared a 'olcanoes, I only scared a horses.
 pony boy and pony girl


  1. She's adorable! Love your list. Wish I could figure out who snuck into my house and turned all my shoes into uncomfortable boxes that no longer fit my feet. If you figure it out, let me know :-)

  2. Haha! I wonder myself... Maybe it's time to purge and share? Happy birthday and am sure whatever you do, the kids will enjoy it.


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