Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Happy

Being pinned!! It absolutely blows me away.  Someone pinned one of my recipes and it caught on and got like 73 repins.  Even better are when some of the quotes I pin get repinned.  I love my quotes board.  So cool.

Even cooler? Getting published! I have two layouts accepted for ScrapStreet Magazine.  And I am 'under consideration' for a fresh faces layout at Creating Keepsakes.  Keeping my fingers crossed!  I am so happy just to be considered.  I have been submitting stuff for almost a year and then I get almost three pub requests in about a week.  When it rains, it pours, hehe.

Comments on my blog.  This is a recent development and it really makes me smile to see all these comments in my email every day.  Thank you so much everybody, it means the world to me!  Staying at home gets hard, it can be isolating, but this helps.

A surprise visit from Avinash and Nandini's favorite uncle.  Too bad he had trouble remembering to answer to mannajhi all night.  Combined with chaat for dinner with friends.  Does it get any better??

90's R&B.  I know it's cheesy.  Heck, I thought it was cheesy at the time, but when I heard Wifey on the radio I couldn't help but smile.  Luckily Ryan probably doesn't remember that I was singing along.


  1. love your boards!!! and as i LOVE to cook, no doubt i'll be trying some of your recipes soon ;)

  2. yay! let me know how the recipes turn out.


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