Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We are back from the land of rainbows.

We left last night at 9.55, landed in LAX at 5.00am and finally got back to Houston at noon.  Luckily all four of us slept through the last leg of the flight like little babies.  Well, not Nandini, because she is a little baby, so she didn't sleep like one, that's just her normal state. 
Can you tell I'm a little bit punchy right now??

First thing I had to start doing our mountains of laundy.  Even Avinash was talking about putting clothes in the washing machine on the way home from the airport.  I have done three so far and am working on a fourth.  I feel like there should be some sort of medal for this, but I probably just need to get over it.

After baths, Nandini went down for a nap.  Avinash played by himself for like an hour while I continued to clean up and started making soup.  After a week of eating out heavy meals, we needed something simple and homemade.  Even Avinash did not complain about the presence of purple carrots and 'lettuce in it' today. 

And, Nandini slept for four hours.  She either a)super tired, b) really happy to be back in her own crib again, c) needed some alone time or d)all of the above.  (Ryan thinks I am always projecting my own emotions on to her, hmmm...maybe I am here.)

I am trying to get caught up a little here.  We took over 2000 pictures this week.  And I haven't even started her birthday party planning.  A friend suggested a pi (pie) theme and I'm thinking yes!  Maybe patterned paper pie chart garlands?  Plus, today was Holi and we didn't really get to celebrate, so maybe a little color action in the park as well.  I think it could be beautiful.

Ryan was kind enough to take this picture of us on the plane because he is quote: always thinking about the scrapbook now.  If that's not sweet I don't know what is.

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