Friday, March 23, 2012

don't forget

I was reading up on how to host a cupcake sale party, because, you know, I have so many of them.  But, one tip did stay with me: don't forget to plan for the next day.

I have kept that in mind recently and it has served me well.

I bought milk every time I went out to get something for Nandini's birthday party.  As a result I haven't been to the grocery store all week and I am actually using up all those vegetables that usually just linger until I throw them away while ordering take out. 

While Ryan was away I made vegetable soup with barley and zucchini, baked ziti cooked in it's own sauce (with asparagus), and tonight I made ricotta mashed potatoes, scallion peas and carmelized carrots.  I add a bit of haldi to all three meals because it is so healthy I want to include it even when I don't get the time to cook Indian food (or some people call it, food). 

Not that I planned the meals, but getting time and energy to cook was easier when I'm not running to the grocery store with two kids every other day.

I sort of had a plan for what to do while Ryan was out of town.  Of course it rained all day Tuesday so we were pretty much stuck inside all day and couldn't go to Avi's first swimming lesson or the zoo.  Though it did stop for a bit in the evening and we got to visit the playground.  Where Avinash had a ball on the waterslides.

 The next day I treated them and myself to lunch out at Tiny Boxwoods.  They treated me to good behavior (in exchange for cookies).  All in all we were doing pretty well until 7:30 struck.  See, Ryan was due back at 8.  And, I had forgotten to plan for the after.

As a result I was a tantrumy mess when Ryan showed up at 9:15.  Avinash was refusing to eat and Nandini couldn't be fed fast enough.  Oh lord.  I hid in the bathroom and pretty much didn't talk to anyone (nicely) for the rest of the evening.

This morning was gearing up for more of the same when Avinash refused to go in the water at his swim lesson and Nandini wouldn't let me put her down for a minute.  We switched gears and I took them both out to the zoo.  I pushed them around in the stroller and handed them orange sections for two hours.  My reward? They both fell asleep on the way home and napped all afternoon.

I guess I just forgot to plan for the day after.  

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