Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I love March in Houston. First the azaleas, then the rodeo, Nandini's birthday, getting to play Holi outdoors and now bluebells. I was getting worried that we would miss them so we headed out west this weekend.

Stopping over in Austin for cupcakes and carrot cake french toast before driving back to Brenham.

Finally sitting down together.  We tried so hard to make this happen but they finally did it on their own.

Getting showered with flower petals by her big brother.

Isn't this lot behind the JC Penney's wide open field lovely?

There are even more beautiful fields a little bit east of Brenham, Tx on 290. Bring a picnic lunch and your camera and go check it out!

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  1. So beautiful. What lovely pictures. : ) I am glad you could visit them and take some pictures there.

  2. such pretty pictures! and behind JC Penny's? score.

  3. you take the most beautiful photos!!!


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