Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life - first birthday week!

Another busy week so I did pages instead of my usual one and added an insert for twelve on the 12th. I got a big variety pack of page protectors and decided to mix design A and D pages this week.  The big pack is nice because it gives you the freedom to experiment.  Plus, it is not sold out - so there's that.

I ended up not using only one vertical picture because I didn't like the look of them all together -- too cluttered.  Instead I trimmed down one horizontal pictures and used the other two slots for instagram pictures.  I love that I know longer worry about taking my big, heavy dSLR with me everywhere.  I often end up just as happy or happier with these little instagram photos.
I like the 'mini layout' look of the four rodeo pictures clustered together in the top left.  I used my own art journaling cards, down in chevron here, to matte my photos.  The wood letters are old pink paislee.
The bottom right picture of Nandini is from her party.  I still love these old Girl's Paperie paper flowers (on sale!).  I stamped some fabric trim with a chevron stamp again here.  I also used an Elle's Studio date die cut and pink fabric Thickers.
Nandini is blowing out the candle on her birthday cupcake on the bottom left.  That paper is the inside of a star envelope from a Target stationery set. 

That chipboard star is actually from the OA boarding pass line and not Sasparilla.  I am waiting to get more of that, but we only ended up going to the rodeo once so I may not have much use for it.

I also included a card about some tweets I exchanged with HandmadeRyanGosling.  My Ryan was totally confused by this and I think still is.  It isn't a real conversation with Ryan Gosling honey, don't worry!!  I was so excited when he retweeted my pi day mobile project and wished Nandini a happy birthday.  Now I'm thinking that this may confuse Nandini in the future as well.  Oops. 

I stamped on some dear lizzy vellum for a picture of us playing Holi at Nandini's party.  I wanted a sequins look as well but used little gems because that is all I had.  That and gold airmail striped washi tape. I wanted to caputre the feel of powder being thrown across the sky.  I think it worked out.

My next page (actually the first page).
Technically this happened last week, but I had to include a card about Nandini calling me mama for the first time.  I love these bright and vintage pennant flags.  I always forget to use this doily punch, but it looks so nice in person.
Top left is pi fight.  More target stationery and white shaving cream-esque thickers.  I didn't write much about it because it is kind of self explanatory and I want to do a layout too maybe. I also included a group shot of all the babies.  Everything is a bit out of order this week.

Lucky is a picture from St. Patrick's Day.  Actually all of us were in green, including my brother, but we never got a group shot.  I used this smile paper and an AC gold pen to write on the photo directly.
Nandini got a special present from her Aunt Rachel in the mail.  I admit that I pretty much just took this picture for PL purposes.   Heehee.

How amazing is this MATHS paper for including the date of pi day?  This paper (kesi art) is so nice I had a hard time cutting into it but I'm glad I did. 

I also did an insert for twelve on the 12th.  It is basically just one sheet of Crate patterned paper, some tape (black and white, gold and floral) and lots of thickers.  Pretend that they are stitched on there so they won't fall off in the future, ok? 

Nandini was pretty excited about the album this week and couldn't keep her hands off of it.  Hope you liked it too.

Linked up with The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama for Project Life Tuesday. The PL kit I am using is the Clementine kit.   Thank you so much to everyone in this wonderful community.  I love all the feedback and looking at everything people do each week.  It definitely keeps me motivated.  And, please, link me up to any of your inspiring pages this week as well in the comments!


  1. Your pages are so happy and full, I love that. How sweet that she said mama for you, great that you can document that special milestone for both of you. You always make the album work for what you have that week, it looks great!!

  2. What a beautiful and busy week you had. Your layout looks fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. i love looking at your pages each week. so creative!

  4. Very nice to see such full pages and colurfull. Really like it !

  5. love all your little adds, the bling on the photo is awesome! your stuff is so beautifully artsy and great, YAY project life! oh and love those letters in Rodeo...super!

  6. Oh that Maths paper is so much fun, and I like the way you used the stitching. I also love how you customised Design E to suit your page. Fab as always!

  7. Wow, what a keepsake! I've never seen such a creative and beautiful scrapbook.

  8. Beautiful pages! Love your inserts!

  9. love your pages!!! so fun and colorful!!

  10. ooh, what fab pages!!!! love all the details like the gems, the stitching and all that hand journaling on the insert - it looks fab mixed with the thickets! love it all......

  11. helen - so happy you can see the stitching, lol!!
    Thanks for stopping by everyone. Love seeing all of your work too. :)

  12. great PL pages!! so beautiful!

  13. love the last page with all the writing and the letters that POP!

    as always love seeing your pages every week


  14. Wow I love all the detail on your pages! Started following you- thanks for the inspiration!!

  15. These pages are incredible and so full of life! Thanks for sharing, I will be sure to check you out again--LOVE how you stitched the date on the math card! So creative:) -- heather (www.heathershomemadehome.com)

  16. Beautiful pages and very inspirational! Your Holi pics caught my attention right away! :) Can't wait to work on mine...

  17. I SO need to get more page protector varieties! :) Great photos! Love the stitching and that chevron, too! Great job!

  18. I SO need to get more variety of page protectors! ;) Love the photos and the stitching and chevron, too! Great job!!


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