Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sometimes I am so amazed by you Nandini.  You started out so tiny and helpless.

 So small and precious. 

Everyone was always telling me that you were hungry. Now you tell me that yourself. 

 I never know and still don't know how to show you how much love that I have for you.  But now you show it to us.  Talking a mile a minute on the phone to your Nani tonight.  Just makes me smile thinking about it. 

You bring books to me that you want to read.  You help me turn the pages, laugh and clap along.

 I miss you when you sleep sometimes and wake you up for a feeding. 

I love those rare moments when you snuggle up next to me, calmly.

I love your growing relationship with Avinash.  All of your new birthday toys hold no interest for you, until you see Avinash playing with it,  like your new set of presidential blocks from Auntie Rachel or the weebles house Avinash bought you himself. 

You do love your new guitar from baby Roshan all on its own because you love anything music. It is hilarious to watch you bop and swing back forth as you dance.

embrace the camera.

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  1. What a beautiful post! I love those snuggle moments too. I know all too soon my little one won't want to snuggle anymore, so I just eat it up. You have a beautiful family!


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