Friday, September 6, 2013

2 Pizzas

Let's talk about food for a minute.  I always need quick dinners that are kind of mindless to prepare. 
I love pizza because it requires little forethought, I'm relatively certain the children will eat, and it is fun especially during football games.
I tried out two new pizzas that we all loved instead of the usual marinara and mozzarella.  

Paneer pizza
This one was inspired.  I found out they sell paneer (an Indian cheese you can bake without melting) at Whole Foods.  Not having to make a second trip to the Indian grocery store is huge.  One less errand, one more shred of sanity saved. 
I use premade pizza dough which I now get from the pizza counter at Whole Foods.  It is better than most other places I have tried. 
I started out by marinating the paneer in yogurt mixed with spices. I use gatam Masala (a mix of cumin, haldi, coriander, mango powder)
Here is the recipe:
Pizza dough
Canned Crushed tomatoes
3 garlic cloves, chopped
One quarter onion and one bell pepper, chopped
Marinated Paneer
Assemble and bake.  I set my oven at 425 for 20 minutes.  

The paneer gets all crispy around the edges and has just enough spice to make it interesting.  Avinash ate all the paneer off his pieces and left the pizza part alone. 

One other new pizza I tried was enchilada pizza.  This was based off a post by Elise Joy, click here for the recipe.
I modified it to be vegetarian.  I basically just added mozzarella in addition to the Cheddar cheese.  I truly loved it.  The use of enchilada sauce instead of tomato sauce tasted great to me but was not a huge hit with the rest of the family. 

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